In Vultour Naturaleza´s hides in Cantalejo (Segovia, Spain), you can enjoy photographing and observing wildlife. We are located in a priviliged enviroment, near Hoces del Río Duratón Natural Park and the SPA and SCI “Lagoons of Cantalejo”. They are well preserved areas, with an abundance of birds and different types of habitats, which allows us to provide a wide range of hides and species to photograph.

The hides used a modern, comfortable structures which can be found in a natural enviroment and with which the birds are familiar. 

All the plots on which the hides have been set up have the appropriate permits from the owners and have full authorisation from the Ministry Enviroment of Castilla and León.

We have an attractive offer for both professional and amateur photographers who wish to use our services.

We aim to make your stay with us an unforgettable experience.


Terms and conditions

Please, read the conditions carefully before making a reservation with Vultour Naturaleza.

  1. Reservation for use the hide will only be confirmed once the deposit (30 % of the total) has been received and the client has received confirmation from Vultour Naturaleza by e-mail.
  2. Deposits are non refundable when cancellations are made in the five days prior to the reserve date of the activity. In the case of refundable cancellation, costs incurred by the refund, will be payable by the person requiring the refund.
  3. If the activity (use of hides, photography workshop, etc) is cancelled by Vultour Naturaleza for whatever reason, the total sum paid, by the client (deposit or the whole activity) will be refunded by Vulture Naturaleza.
  4. The total sum agreed for the use of a hide for the agreed session(s) should be paid by the client before the start of the activity, either by bank transfer of cash in hand. Deposits paid prior to the activity will be discounted from the final cost of the activity.
  1. Vultour Naturaleza does its best to maintain both its hides, feeding and drinking places and the surroundings in which to photograph wild animals, in perfect condition. Participants in the activity or photographers must be aware that to a large extent, how active the wildlife is depends on the time of year and on the weather forecast, which means that whether or not the animals are attracted to the feeding or drinking places is beyond our control. For this reason, we cannot always guarantee 100% positive results. However, we do always inform photographers of any opportunity to see and photograph specific species in the optimum season. Furthermore, we update news of the latest sessions on Faccebook and our blog.
  2. Vultour Naturaleza only offers its hides when they have ensured that the animals use both the perches and the feeding places in most of the sessions. If no animals appear at the hide (the behaviour of wild animals is unpredictable), photographers can agree a date with Vultour Naturalexa to repeat the session, free of charge.
  3. Where workshops, activities or excursions are concerned, Vultour Naturaleza reserves the right to modify the programme in the aforementioned cases.
  4. Throughout all photographic activities organised by Vultour Naturaleza, clients must behave appropriately and follow the instructions given by employees of Vultour, so as to avoid disturbing the fauna and other clients in the group.

When using hides, it is imperative not to leave the hide before your guide arrives and authorises departure. (See “rules for use of the hides”).

  1. Vultour Naturaleza cannot be held responsable for any loss of or damage to clients’ personal belongings or photographic equipment during the activity.


Recommendations before arriving at the hide 

  1. Bring warm and preferably dark clothing (better too much than too little). Temperatures can drop to 0º first thing in the morning and in the evening.
  2. Although the distance between the hide and the car is short, it is wise to wear walking boots or wellies in case the ground is damp.
  3. Check your batteries are fully charged and that you have space on your memory cards. Do not forget your tripod as it is an essential piece of photographic equipment. We also recommend the use of lens hoods.
  4. Take something to drink during the session (water, tea, coffee etc) and some food (sándwich, chocolate, fruit, etc.).
  5. Bring an empty container (bottle, tupperware, etc.) to use for urinating in. You will not be allowed to leave the hide until the end of the session so you might need the container for this purpose.


Regulation for the use of Vultour Naturaleza´s photographic and observation hides

  1. Please leave the hide as you found it.
  2. No touch the mirrored glass.
  3. It is important to be as silent as possible and to whisper.Don´t make sudden movements, especially when the animals are forwards.
  4. Mobile phones should be on silent mode. Don´t use your mobile phone as a lantern.
  5. Any rubbish and posible waste should be removed by photographers.
  6. Don´t smoke inside the hide.
  7. So as to avoid disruption, do not leave the hide during the session except in an emergency.
  8. Before leaving the hide please contact staff at Vultour Naturaleza (Juan: +034.676.26.94.74), and they will pick you up, thereby avoiding disturbing the wildlife.

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